Why Animated Video Is Great for Advertising in Today’s Digital Economy

The adaptability of using animation as the treatment for any marketing or sales collateral rivals other mediums such as live-action.

Animation provides amazing storytelling flexibility when used in various video formats, including online adverts, eLearning modules, commercials, explainer videos, corporate internal videos, and more. However, the animation is well-known for its ability to transmit and elicit emotion. And if you have any doubts, three minutes spent viewing The Present, an award-winning and joyful short film, might convince you.

Here are three good reasons to use animation in your next video project.

Creating Animation on a Shoestring

Many publications compare the costs of live-action versus animated video on the Internet, sparking a heated dispute about which is less expensive. The reality is that either format might be prohibitively costly or moderately priced, and It’s completely up to you how you spend your money(more on that below). Animation is an excellent choice for illustrating complex or abstract concepts (such as metaphors) and utilizing situations, tales, and people that are difficult to convey in real life.

Plus, animation allows you to not only create the story of your dreams but also to add a range of voiceovers to your characters, bringing them to life.

Animation may be employed on a budget, but according to Alex Safavinia, industry expert and CEO of Kasra Design, the key to keeping expenses low is to invest time in the creative process before you begin. Because the final audience’s view of a company, product, campaign, or other entity is based on what that firm publishes, Alex recommends taking the time to completely flesh out a creative idea before diving into the construction of an animation project.

The narrative, premise, and story all play a role in how effective animation is

Because it is the base of the animation, great care must be taken. In the creation of creative work, there are no shortcuts.

It’s important to remember that the style of animation doesn’t always determine the effectiveness of animation. All sorts of animation, from simple 2D animations (the easiest type of animation to generate on a small budget) to cel animations to complicated 3D animations, may effectively transmit a message (costly animation not suggested for low-budget settings). “If the video concept is developed artistically and the message is good, that video will be successful,” Alex emphasizes. It has the potential to go viral.”

Why Do International Marketing Campaigns Work Well With Animation?

Companies trying to create a big splash in a bigger market – say, the entire world – can utilize animation to adapt it for different countries. Here’s how a couple of well-known firms used animation to expand internationally:

Play with Oreo is a campaign by Oreo.

This campaign, led by the Martin Agency, was launched in 40 countries in 2015. The native tongues of those 40 countries were added to the same 20-second claymation short, making the animation expenditure practical and cost-effective.

Oreo’s usage of animation is a perfect illustration of how far one animated movie can stretch, thanks to the creation of ambiguous-looking characters and customized voice over to represent the language of each nation. Our blog post Using Animation Globally has many instances of global animation video.
Adweek Campaign by Voices

Voices embraced the chance in early 2018 to develop an engaging video that would be promoted through Adweek and positioned to assist boost brand recognition among marketing and creative advertising professionals. We spoke with Marc Raffa, our Digital Content Producer, about managing the animation’s development under time and financial constraints.

The video was supposed to be the highlight of the Adweek campaign, but it was also supposed to inspire the visual direction of many other marketing assets. So, before moving on to brainstorming and scriptwriting, Marc had the content team focus on the campaign’s main theme and the value statements that needed to be included first.

Because of the nature of the Voices offering, Marc noted that the video’s development was critical to its success.

The advantages of animation are numerous.

When it comes to voiceovers, the character voiceover business is one of the most popular and competitive. Voice actors give voiceovers for cartoon characters, video game characters, computer game character voiceovers, and even the voices of animated characters in films on the Internet and offline.

Characters can range from typical beings like animals and humans to inanimate objects like trees, toasters, and pineapples (think CGI films like “Toy Story” or “Robots”).

The applications for animation are practically limitless. We’ve looked at three of the hundreds of reasons why people utilize animation. Exploring animation as a possibility for your next project could be the difference between success and failure, especially in an era where human attention spans are shorter than goldfish.

Finally, if you’re the type that gets inspired by looking at other creative alternatives, you can listen to a variety of cartoon voices, television voices, and more. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear a demo that sparks an idea for your next animation project!